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Safeway Carpentry and Door's trained carpenters have been repairing garages since 1988. If your garage is leaning, the roof is sagging, or your garage needs straightening we can repair the damage and save you the cost of demolishing and building a new garage.


We are the garage restoration experts for any type of garage repair. Is your garage roof collapsing, sagging, or caving in? We can fix the underlying problem and replace the roof.

A sagging garage roof, a leaning garage, or a garage in need of straightening can lead to other problems. Safeway Carpentry and Doors has a great deal of experience in repairing and replacing garage roofs, garage siding, garage door openers, garage doors, and the concrete in and around a garage. Safeway Carpentry and Door's carpenters will explain your options and help you decide on the garage repairs to fit your situation. We are also experienced at clearing violations.


Safeway Carpentry and Door's expert carpenters and installers will provide excellent customer service and high quality garage repair. For over 28 years Safeway Carpentry and Doors has been repairing garages. We are licensed and insured.


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