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Are you looking for quality garage doors in Farmington Hills, MI and need garage door replacement or repairs?

Safeway Carpentry and Doors provides quality garage doors, garage door repairs, and carpentry services in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


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Safeway Carpentry and Doors can install, repair, and service belt, chain and screw drive garage door openers for quality brand name garage door openers. Our skilled carpenters are experienced with the installation and repair of garage doors, and garage door openers. We are available for emergency brake in repairs, door jamb repair, and 24 hour garage door repairs in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


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Garage Doors Farmington Hills MI


If you have an emergency or are pricing garage doors, garage door openers, or garage door repairs, Safeway Carpentry and Doors is an excellent door company. We offer 24 hour emergency garage door repair services and break in repairs for homes and businesses. We service and install high quality brand name garage doors and garage door openers and our carpenters can repair any type of damage to your doors, door frames, and garage including straightening a leaning garage. Safeway Carpentry and Doors has offered Farmington Hills, MI garage doors for residential and commercial customers in since 1988.