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5 Garage Door Opener Tips if Your Garage Door Will Not Open



Garage Door Maintenance

If your are taking the kids to school or are late for work the last thing you need is a garage door that will not open. Before you call a repairman you can try some simple garage door opener repair tips.


Pull the garage door opener release to disconnect the opener from the garage door, you should then be able to open the door manually.


1. Check your remote control


If the light on your remote control is not working when you press the button your remote may need new batteries. If new batteries don't help the remote control may have failed. Also you may need to reprogram the remote control to open the door with the proper code. If you can reach the wall control unit or hardwired button and the door operates fine then the problem is with your remote or the garage door opener receiver attached to the opener. If the wall control unit or hardwired button does not open the door continue to the next step.


2. Check the wall control unit or hardwired button


Check the connection between your opener and the wall control unit or hardwired button. Look for a loose or broken wire. Check the batteries in your wall control unit.


3. Check the breaker box


Take a look at the breaker in the breaker box for your garage door opener, if it is tripped move it back to the on position.


4. Inspect the sensors


Your garage door is equipped with small sensors set low on the tracks near the floor. These sensors make sure that the garage door doesn't happen to close on anything that's in the way, like your car's bumper, the family pet or assorted gear. It's a great feature when it's working right, but sometimes those sensors get out of alignment and the garage door simply refuses to budge. Ensure that the two small eyes are pointing at one another, a LED on the top of the units should tell you when they're in alignment. If this doesn't help, clean the lenses. If they're too dirty the sensors won't be able to see each other.


5. Inspect your garage door springs


Depending on your home's configuration, you may have one or two tightly wound garage door springs just above your garage door or one on either side of the door on the wall. Inspect these for breakage, a busted tension spring can make it really hard to open the door since your garage door opener will no longer have help lifting that great weight. Call a professional for spring replacement if needed.



Once you've ruled out the simple things, you'll have to call your helpful garage door opener repairman. Attempt to open the garage door and observe what it does. If the door opener doesn't make any noises and the track fails to move at all, the problem is obviously in the garage door opener it may have failed.


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