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8 Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips



Garage Door Maintenance

1. Garage Door's Moving Parts require lubrication


If your garage door is squeaking or grinding while moving you will need to lubricate the moving parts. A spray lubricant designed for garage doors is great for rollers, hinges, springs, and the openers chain or drive screw. A noisy garage door can shorten the life of your garage door opener. Do not lubricate the tracks, this will hold dirt, just wipe with a rag and make sure the tracks are clean and free of debris.


2. Inspect and clean the Tracks


Check your garage door tracks to make sure they are clean and free of debris. Wipe with a rag and remove any dirt or debris.


3. Make sure hardware is not loose


Check your garage door's hinges, brackets, screws and bolts. Make sure that all the bolts and screws are tight. Bent brackets should be straightened or if badly damaged replaced. Be careful when tightening screws and bolts not to move the bracket or your garage door may not be aligned correctly.


4. Inspect and Replace the Rollers


If rollers are worn, chipped, or bent, they should be replaced by removing the bracket, install the new roller and replace the bracket.


5. Test your door’s balance


To inspect your garage door's balance, pull your garage door opener's release handle to disconnect the opener. Move your garage door to the halfway open position. Your garage door is balanced if it will hold this position without your help, if the door lifts up or falls down from this position then your springs tension will need to be adjusted. This should be done by an experienced garage door repair or installation company.


6. Inspect the Cables


The cables on your garage door can be dangerous for someone without garage door experience. You can inspect the cable for damage or wear. If you see broken strands call a garage door repair company.


7. Inspect the Weatherstripping


If the weather seal on the bottom of your door is missing, broken, or cracked you can buy replacement weatherstripping from a local hardware store. Weatherstripping is sold by the foot. so measure the bottom of your door before heading to the store.


8. Check the auto-reverse safety feature


Your garage door opener's auto-reverse feature is a valuable safety system. Place an object under your garage door's path like a large piece of wood. If the door reverses direction after hitting the object then it is working properly.

More recent door openers have another auto reverse feature designed to protect someone under the door's path. To insure this photoelectric system is working move your foot under the door's path and the door should reverse directions. If either of these systems does not work on your garage door call a repair company immediately.


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