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Entry Door Maintenance Tips



Entry Door Maintenance

1. Lubricate entry door hinges


To keep your door operating smooth and quiet lubricate the door's hinges.


2. Inspect the weatherstrip


Look at the weatherstrip and the door bottom sweep of your entry door. Check for wear and replace if damaged or allowing air to enter through gaps.


3. Inspect the door frame


If your home does not have a storm door the entry door frame finish can wear quickly. Look at the finish of your door frame and paint or apply a top coat for a stained door if the finish is cracked or worn away. Replacing a rotten door frame will cost much more than maintaining the one you have.


4. Check the door hardware


Check your entry door's hardware for loose screws.


5. Check the door's strike plate


Check the strike plate on your entry door to insure that the weatherstrip is sealing properly. Adjust the strike plate if there are gaps or too much contact with the weatherstrip.


6. Check your door's finish


Inspect the finish on your entry door. If the finish is worn or cracked apply paint or top coat as needed. Keep your entry door sealed to prevent damage and insure that it will last a long time.


7. Inspect the sill cap


Look at the sill cap and adjust if necessary. This may become worn due to traffic through your entry door.


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