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Commercial Roll Up Door Maintenance Tips



Commercial Door Maintenance

1. Garage Reverses Before Closing


First check to make sure nothing is obstructing your garage’s path. If something is in the way of the sensor, the door will pull back up. Second, clean your sensors. If there is a spot on it, it could be picking it up as an object in its path. If the problem continues, you will need to adjust the close force on your opener’s motor. This is usually found on the back of the motor but consult your manual to be sure.


2. Door Does Not Open/Close Fully


Each garage opener has a button on it called the ‘close limit switch’. Adjust it so your garage moves as you wish. To find where the switch is located, check with your manual.


3. Remote Does Not Work


First check the batteries. These remotes are being used constantly and it’s possible the battery is dead. It’s also possible you put your garage into ‘lock’ mode. Check your manual for more information on how to turn this mode off. Another issue could be your sensor or antenna. Be sure your sensor is clean and/or your antenna is hanging down for the best reception.


4. Noisy Garage Door


Many times, a noisy garage is caused by loose nuts. Go along your tracks with a socket wrench and make sure every nut is snug. From there, you can check your rollers. Many garages have metal rollers with metal tracks which create a lot of noise and become worn over time. Sometimes all you need is a little update. Replace the rollers and hinges to help reduce noise. Also, make sure everything that moves is lubricated and be sure to grease your track. This will keep everything running smoothly and quietly.


5. Door Moving Slowly or Too Fast


Upon extensive use over a certain period of time, the spring tension of a roll-up door may weaken. This can lead to quick movement of the door when operated, either opened or closed. At times, the spring tension can get further stressed which would make movement slower. In either case, adjusting the spring tension is necessary. You could simply adjust the spring tension as per your desire once a month to prevent any changes in the way the roll-up door opens or closes. Oiling the springs is also desirable. You may do this once a month or once in three months, depending on the type of roll-up door you have, its quality and the extent to which it is used.


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